“It is irresponsible to recruit new foster families without simultaneously recruiting support for those families”.

-  Kristin Allender (TKB Executive Director)

Not everyone is called to be a foster or adoptive parent but everyone is called to care!

WRAP is a tool that helps mobilize the people of the local church to reflect Jesus to adoptive and foster children and the families who care for them.


It consists of four primary ways the body of Christ can serve these children and the families who have welcomed them into their home:

Words of Encouragement • Respite • Acts of Service • Prayer

Are you interested in getting your church involved with supporting foster families? We'd love to help you get started!

Children in foster care and their families are modern-day "widows and orphans."

(James 1:27)

While the government has legal custody of children in foster care, Christians believe that the church is the God-ordained institution charged with caring for vulnerable children

There are over 11,000 churches in Tennessee and nearly 8,000 kids in foster care. Over 350 are waiting for adoptive families.

People of faith want to "show up'. There are dozens of ways to show up for children in the foster care system and the families and workers who care for them.

To learn more and to receive TONS of resources and coaching support, we encourage you to check out our Faith Kit.

"Tennessee Kids Belong was an important part of helping the adoption and foster care ministry at our church become a reality. Our pastors and members of our church have attended their faith leaders meetings, which have been helpful in giving us a better understanding of foster care both at the state and local level, and how we can serve those in our church who are walking this road..."

-Mia Slager-

Cornerstone Church of Knoxville

The Village - Adoption & Foster Care Ministry lay leader

(Knox Region)

“It is incredibly encouraging to know there is an organization standing with us, shoulder to shoulder, saying “We see you. We love you. How can we encourage you as you minister to foster and adoptive families in your community?..."

-Tracy Taplin-

Foothills Church,

Orphan Care Leader

(Smoky Mountain Region)

We have been excited to launch WRAP Around Teams to support families fostering and adopting & TN Kids Belong staff have gone above and beyond to provide guidance. The resources they have already created and allow us to use are phenomenal and help make it possible for us to move forward with this wonderful opportunity to serve.

 – Mary-Claire Bryan –

Christ Presbyterian Church,

Connect and Serve Coordinator

 (Davidson Region) 


"I'm very grateful I came across this resource (trauma training) through TKB. My husband and I have recently wanted to know more about fostering and adopting for our personal lives. This information is so helpful for our church family as well, how we interact with and serve kids coming from trauma backgrounds is so valuable. I look forward to learning more."

- Jessica McIntosh- 

Resonate Church,

Missional Community Leader

“TN Kids Belong has been incredibly helpful in our church's journey to better support foster families. As a church, we knew we wanted to start supporting foster families better but didn't really know where to begin. TN Kids Belong helped us understand the importance of having good support networks in place before just recruiting new families.
They taught us about the value of WRAP teams and how to begin them...If you're a church looking to engage with foster care, don't do it alone - do it with TN Kids Belong!”

-Sarah Stephanoff-

 Cross Point Church

Local Goods Director

 (Davidson Region)

"“As a pastor, I want to see a culture of adoption and foster care flourishing in my church. It’s central to doing justly and loving mercy. But we don’t shame people into responding to these needs. We encourage and resource ongoing. TKB does both graciously well. Mine and other families in our church would not be involved in foster care now without God introducing us to TKB when He did.”

- -Dr. Cole Huffman-

First Evangelical Church


Senior Pastor

(Shelby Region)

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